get thick quick with our organic gain drink that activate your fat cells and stimulates your appetites to help promote a healthy weight gain.

Learn how the Mass Gain Drink was found


Allexe Lugano Nshimba, Founder of the brand FromBotanicals 



She started her journey in 2018 when she found out that she faced a nutritional Deficiency which caused her immune system to not operate strongly. From being underweight many people are more vulnerable getting sick or acquiring infections.


From 2018 to 2019 she was struggling with her weight gain journey trying out different supplements to stimulate her appetites, but she couldn’t keep the weight she was adding on. In 2019 Allexe went back to her home country D.R. Congo that is where she learned a traditional recipe women use for their children who suffer from nutritional Deficiencies and that’s also safe for pregnant women. From mid- 2020 to 2022 Allexe went from size 4 to size 10. She was on and off with the syrup no consistency, no workout journey but her results are amazing. The best part of FromBotanicals products is that you don’t have to work out to see results. We offer the best products to get those curves in the right places. Thanks to our organic and high-quality ingredients. Today we are able to help more people who struggle with the same issue and help them boost their confidence.




About the Mass Gain Drink

This is 100% Organic carefully made with the best African herbs, which is formulated for maximum muscle grow and promote healthy weight gain. 



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