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Mass Gain Drink 250ml

Mass Gain Drink 250ml

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Our Mass Gain Drink helps activate the fat cells in your body to promote healthy weight gain and stimulating your appetite to make it easier for you to get your meals in.

The key to building a curvaceous body is to take enough clean protein, carbohydrates, and proper fats to grow. FROMBOTANICALS will help you reach your body curve goals by providing you with the highest quality protein, complex carbohydrate and heathy fats blended up in variety of African seeds.

FROMBOTANICALS is here to help you achieve those curves you’re looking for. With high-quality and high-performing ingredients, FROMBOTANICALS can help you target those area you wish to build on without even working out. Natural breast and butt enhancement properties make this a must for those who are looking to fill out for curvier look.

  • Whole food carbs. 
  • Quick and slow digestion protein for muscle recovery.
  • Aids in metabolism and promotes healthy weight gain.
  • Key ingredients for maximum muscle growth
  • Stimulates an enhance appetite.

Get thick quick with our premium protein drink.

Ingredients & Details


Naturally grew in African, it's 100% organic, there for the shelf-life of the product is 3 months. please read more about the Ingredients ad benefits. link: /blogs/ingredients-benefits


Our Mass Gain Drink comes in a bottle of 250ml for one month supply

Care information

Keep this product in room tenperature, and read the instructions on the bottles carefully before used.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It won't cause any harm but It’s best to let your body rest during this period and take lots of water.

Our products are organic but have not been evaluated by the US food and drug administration yet that's why we do not recommande our products to pregnant women but a breastfeeding mom can use our mass gain drink

You should not. If you drink it anytime after 6pm you have high chances of getting bloated in the morning.

The Mass Gain Drink should be used at 4pm/5pm regardless. If you don't have time to eat a full meal before taking it, grab a quick snake or a protein shake before consuming the Mass Gain Drink then eat later on. it should not be taken after 6pm or on a empty stomack